Thursday, December 3, 2020

Glorious 2020 is nearly over

 Just updating our history after it was published and effectively stored where it belongs. 

It's been 5 years since I finished this and it's unlikely more will be added, though I have learned more about the town, the valley, the region, the state and the world since then.

It came down to 2020 and beyond and we know where we are, not that it will help us get to the next place on our journey.

But by all means, peruse this blog and its pieces. Feel free to share it, discuss it and evaluate it. The contact information is in place and I am, so far, dealing with the forces of nature that are relentless.

I have plans for the future. Please be a part of that.

And as this refresher lands during the holiday season, it's important to me if it's important to you. 

(Photo is from the state Historical Society, which didn't do anything at all to help me promote this blog, so I am stealing their photo of a scene from Brookville.)

-- John 

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