Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mrs. Beesley

As we all learned to accept in those days, teachers came and teachers left ... at times in mid-year. A few of the more durable ones held out until the end.

Rarely did the departure of a Fairfield teacher rate as Page 1 news in the Brookville papers.

In one case, however, it did, in the summer of 1955:

Mrs. Helen Beesley
Retires as Teacher

"Mrs. Helen Beesley, who has been a teacher in the Fairfield School for the past 11 years, is retiring after 24 years of teaching in the public schools of Indiana and Ohio.

"Mrs. Beesley received her training at Ball State Teachers College at Muncie and at Miami University at Oxford, Ohio.

"Mrs. Beesley is an active member in church work, teaching a church school and is a member of the W.S.C.S. She also belongs to a Franklin County Home Demonstration Club and is a member of the Delta Theta Tau sorority at College Corner."

Mizz Beeswax, as we were fond of calling her out of earshot, lived in Bath.

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