Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The day the church celebrated

Fairfield Methodist as it appeared in 1950.
June 24, 1945 ... the war was coming to an end, and the Fairfield Methodist Church was in a joyous mood.

Repairs to the steeple, a new roof and interior paint ... and the town celebrated with a day-long event, featuring dinner, music, a festive event, indeed.

The secondary headline in the Brookville American said:

Fine Program Given
And A Large
Crowd Attends

"Sunday school, with Miss Evelyn Klein, Superintendent, was held at the usual hour. The usual worship service was conducted by the pastor, Rev. George Curtis. Visiting ministers were present and had a share in the services."

Actually, it appeared that some Methodist "heavyweights" were present for the service, including  District Superintendent R.O. Pearson, whose address came from 21 Chronicles 22-27.

Mrs. Melvin Luker sang "Open The Gates of The Temple" and Carolyn Willhite of Brookville performed two accordion numbers while singing "Ivory Palaces" and "God Bless America."

"The afternoon service was more informal," the American reported. Mrs. Donald Boyd of College Corner and Mrs. Melvin Luker performed solos and the Rev. Boyd gave a sermon.

"John Kelley, treasurer of the Board of Trustees, gave a brief report of the work that had been done on the church building and the cost, etc. The laying of the new roof and repairing and painting of the belfry was done by John Hartman."

Donations covered most of the interior repairs, the newspaper said.

"The main auditorium and two back rooms were papered. The five rugs and aisle runners were cleaned. Woodwork and floors were cleaned and painted and other odd jobs done. Much remains to be done, however, and the officials feel that the outside should be painted now to protect the weather board, which appears in excellent condition after the many years it has been there.

"Mr. Kelly stated that a barrel of paint will be required for the outside and all feel that the needed repairs should be done now. It's hoped that every friend of the church and member will rally to the task ahead and take pride in helping all they can in this worthy cause.

"The public is cordially invited to attend any or all of our church services. The work of the past few weeks has been led by the pastor, who has done much of the actual labor. Rev. Curtis has returned to the Fairfield-Blooming Grove charge with an increase in salary."

Oh ... by the way ...

"The group ministers sang the "The Preacher's Song" for the closing hymn. The day and its fellowship was considered enjoyable and helpful."


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