Monday, October 12, 2015

Our second world war -- Part 9

Alice Butcher Gibbons provided this photo.
Fairfield's contribution to World War II cannot be understated. Over the course of the war, at least 35 township men either enlisted or were drafted into service.

At one point, a sign somewhere in the town listed the men who were part of a Wall of Honor. On it, 28 names.

However, a book produced a few years ago by Julie Schesselman at the Brookville library provides names of at least six other men who served but who are not listed on the sign.

Representative entry in Julie's book
Many of these men are buried in Sims-Brier Cemetery east of the lake just north of Causeway Road.

Julie's book is complex and contains the records of virtually everyone from Franklin County who served in the military, which dates as far back as the Revolution, on through the Civil War ... and includes the Korean conflict, and later, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf wars.

Many of the entries contain photos, personal accounts and anecdotes, depending on who provided the material for publication. Julie estimates that more than 2,000 entries represent Franklin County for World War II. It's at many libraries in Indiana and is available for sale on


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